Triumvirate Records

Astrophobos - Corpus

The cover of 'Astrophobos - Corpus'

Cat. number: TRV004

Release date: 2021-11-12

Formats: Gatefold vinyl

Distribution: Sound Pollution


  1. Corpus
  2. Utrotning
  3. Till djupet
  4. Nattvard
  5. Svärta
  6. Liktal
  7. Under jord

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Astrophobos - Malice of Antiquity

The cover of 'Astrophobos - Malice of Antiquity'

Cat. number: TRV003

Release date: 2019-01-18

Formats: Digi-CD

Distribution: Sound Pollution


  1. Fire of Catharsis
  2. Begotten in Black
  3. Descending Shadows
  4. Abattoir for Flesh and Faith
  5. The Summoning Call
  6. The Wolves Between the Stars
  7. Until the Red of Dawn
  8. The Nourishing Hate
  9. Imperator Noctis

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Astrophobos - Enthroned in Flesh

The cover of 'Astrophobos - Enthroned in Flesh'

Cat. number: TRV002

Release date: 2016-08-26

Formats: Vinyl

Distribution: Sound Pollution


  1. Enthroned in Flesh
  2. Tabula Rasa
  3. Blood Libation
  4. The Cadaver Monarch

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Astrophobos - Remnants of Forgotten Horrors

The cover of 'Astrophobos - Remnants of Forgotten Horrors'

Cat. number: TRV001

Release date: 2014-01-24

Formats: Digi-CD, MC

Distribution: Sound Pollution


  1. Soul Disruptor
  2. Winds Of Insanity
  3. The Malevolent Firmament
  4. Detestable Illumination
  5. His Abysmal Grave
  6. Invocating The Void
  7. Of Primal Mystery
  8. Celestial Calamity

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